Safety and Cultural Heritage Summit
Preserving Our Heritage and Protecting Our Health


Wednesday, 30 October 2019
McEvoy Auditorium
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Washington DC





Podium Presentations      

Silica Dust Concerns Among Museum and Conservation Managers and Professionals   
David F. Goldsmith, PhD, Georgetown and George Washington Universities, Washington DC,  Thomas M. Galassi, MPH, CIH  

Toxins Within Collections  
Jim Fuller, PharmD, MA Candidate Museum Studies Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis  (IUPUI); Sarah M. Halter, MA, Executive Director, Indiana Medical History Museum   

Taking the Lead in Lead Safety: Mitigating Lead Exposure in Stained Glass Conservation
Ariana Makau, President & Principal Conservator of Nzilani Glass Conservation, MA Stained Glass  Conservation RCA, London, AIC-PA; Karen Gunderson, MPH, CIH, CHMM, Consulting Industrial Hygienist State Fund Compensation Insurance   

Caution--Do Not Touch: Solutions to Tracking Pesticides on Native American Objects  
Alexander “Lexi” Echelman, MA   

Wonder Twins – Activate! Collaboration between PRICE and OSHEM  
Samantha Snell, AIC-Associate, Collections Management Specialist, PRICE Chair, National Collections  Program, Smithsonian Institution; Michael Kilby, P.E., Associate Director for Fire Protection, Office of  Safety, Health and Environmental Management, Smithsonian Institution  

Avoiding Major Fire Losses at Museums and Cultural Institutions   
Joshua Stewart, PE, Fire Protection Engineer, Smithsonian Institution    

Revitalizing and Transforming a National Treasure: Planning for Safety during the National Air and Space Museum Renovation   
Matthew Gross, Safety and Health Specialist, National Air and Space Museum   


Lightning Round Presentations   

Modernizing Our Vertebrate Specimen Preparation Safety Manuals  
Cailin Meyer, Master of Arts, Master of Science   

Managing Mental Health in Cultural Heritage Emergency Response: A Safety Approach for Operational Resilience  
Rebecca Kennedy, AIC-PA, Collections Manager, Curae Collections Care LLC; Nora Lockshin, AIC-PA,  Senior Conservator, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives      

The Poison Book Project 
Melissa Tedone, Associate Conservator/Lab Head for Books & Library Materials,  Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library and Affiliated Associate Professor, Winterthur/University of  Delaware Program in Art Conservation; Layla Huff; Sara Leonowitz, Phillip De Paola, Meghan  Abercrombie, Rosie Grayburn, Emily Guthrie   

The Use of Low-Cost Sensors to Measure Mercury Vapor from Tin-Mercury Amalgam Mirrors  
Melissa King, Rosie Grayburn, Joelle Wickens, Calos Diego Lima de Albuquerque, Kevin Telmer,  Alexandre Brolo   

Total Worker Health for the Museum and Cultural Heritage Environment  
Kate McPhaul, Baldeep Rai, Morgan Young-Spiers, Anne McDonough   

Navigating Hidden Hazards in Collections: Emotional, Physical, and Chemical
Steven Pickman, AIC-PA, Objects Conservator, Steven Pickman Objects Conservation LLC; Kate McPhaul,  PhD, MPH, RN, COHN-S, Manager, Occupational Health Services Clinics, Smithsonian Institution; Miriam  Doutriaux, Collections Manager, Anacostia Community Museum, Smithsonian Institution; Grant  Czubinski, Registrar, Anacostia Community Museum, Smithsonian Institution