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Past Presentations

May 17, 2022: Butcher - RF Exposure, What are all those antennas anyway?

April 7, 2022: Sotek and Dine - Benefits to Networking Between Regional Conservation Groups and Industrial Hygiene Local Sections. Press here to view the presentation.

March 22, 2022: Paz - Industrial Hygiene at FEMA Disaster Operations and Goldstein - NOAA Liaison (LNO) to FEMA HQ

January 11, 2022: Kunz - Habits of Highly Effective Safety and Health Professionals

December 7, 2021: Marchese - AIHA Government Relations and Public Relations: Working Together to Fill the OEHS Pipeline

November 9, 2021: Yellin - Delivering An Effective IH Report that Your Client Will Pay For: From Contract Execution to Final Report

August 28, 2021: Springston - Legionella in Building Water Systems

March 17, 2021: Ramachandran - Data, Professional Judgment, and Modeling in Occupational Exposure Assessment

January 12, 2021: D'Amato Application of Human and Organization Performance (Human Behavior and Industrial Hygiene)

December 10, 2020: The Future of Work - Emerging from Chaos

November 11, 2020: Schwartz - Decontamination and Re-Use of N95 Respirators During a Pandemic

September 10, 2020: Home Office Ergonomics, Legal Issues, etc - Joint Meeting with the AHMP Cyber Chapter

April 23, 2020: Donato - Face Coverings - Myths, Reality, Differences, Regulations

March 19, 2020: Tartaglia - Unpacking USP 800: The Hierarchy of Controls Still Rule

January 15, 2020: Gilpin-Legionella Risk Management for Safety Professionals

December 10, 2019: Ames - Young worker health and safety

2020 Safety & Cultural Heritage Summit Presentations

Not Everything Stops When the Museum is Closed: A Better Museum is Designed and Built on the Challenge, by Christina Dillard, Shaw Fici, and Matthew Gross

A Safety Work Environment for Stabilization of Moldy Collections, by Amber Tarnowski

Protocols in Practice: Three Case Studies Utilizing and Adapting the Earliest Standards for the Inspection and Decontamination of Paper Records Potentially Contaminated by Rodents, by Jo Anne Martinez-Kilgore

Smithsonian Mass Digitization Work Safe Initiative for COVID-19 and the Future, by Jeanine Nault

It all Began with Arsenic: Surveying for and Managing Health Hazards in the Museum of Vancouver Collection, by Haley Monroe

Managing The New York Public Library's Hazardous Collections Materials, by Nicole Festa

Anywhere But Here: How Do Industry Standards Apply - Panel: Catherine Hawks, Samantha Snell, Dan Davies, Bernard Fontaine, Ed Light, and Kelly McCauley Krish

Anywhere But Here: How Do Industry Standards Apply - Presentation: Catherine Hawks, Samantha Snell, Dan Davies, Bernard Fontaine, Ed Light, and Kelly McCauley Krish

Help! There are no N95s! Options & Alternatives for N95, by Kim Harmon

Ethical Considerations in the Removal of Hazardous Materials, By Adrienne Grendron (presenter), Lisa Conte, and Kerith Koss Schrager

Cinnabar Pigment in Vintage Hard Rubber Products: A Case Study, by Tim Rose

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